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Pork Assortment

Each individually cut and

wrapped to your specifications.

Enjoy the convenience of a

well-stocked freezer.

Pig. Oink.

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71 lb. Gross Weight

(approx. cuts)


20 lbs. Premium Ham: Steaks, Roasts, Shank 
14 lbs. Pork Loin: Chops, Roast
14 lbs. Pork Shoulder: Steaks, Roast
10 lbs. Bacon
4 lbs. Bulk Sausage
4 lbs. Link Sausage
5 lbs. Spareribs

Dry-aged Beef
Dry-aged Beef

Dry-aging enhances beef flavor and tenderness. It is a lost art and we at Crown Foods are very proud to be the only processing source in the area. Our beef is locally grown in north Spokane in the Bigelow Gulch area to assure freshness and direct quality control.

Wild Game Processing
Wild Game Processing

We take great pride in serving hunters throughout the northwest since we first opened our doors. We accept any game but at this time we are requesting the meat be deboned please. Your game is individually cut and wrapped to your specifications.

Knife Sharpening
Knife Sharpening

A sharp knife will ensure easier cutting and protect your meat. Knife sharpening is a service we provide all year long. We sharpen all kinds and sizes of knives. We even can sharpen scissors!

Freezer Lockers
Freezer Lockers

Not Enough Freezer Space? You Can Now Rent a Meat Locker.

With the purchase of a side you get 6 months free frozen locker.